We are the group of enthusiastic Georgians who want to introduce to Estonians qualitative Georgian food and wine. It's been already three years since we are working in the Estonian market and we have gained the trust of lots of customers. We import goods directly from Georgia and strictly control the quality of goods each time. We have One shop in Tallinn and several partners all over Estonia, who retail your goods. Our main provider is a company "MIMINO sarl" whos headquarter is in Germany, currently this is the biggest exporter of Georgian good in EU. In order to increase our assortment for you, we also cooperate with several Georgian winemaking companies like "Winery Khareba,"
who is one of the biggest wine producer in Georgia, and we are constantly looking for new providers with an interesting assortment in Georgia to cooperate with. And what is main, we are always open for new ideas and offers. 
         Our main goal is to provide high-quality Georgian goods for a reasonable price and to create a pleasant atmosphere for our partners, customers and create good service for them.


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