Mchadi(Georgian cornbread) Recipe

March 18, 2018

Just recently in the assortment of our company appeared new product  "Georgian white corn flour".I can't say that I'm a sentimental person, but "Mchadi", as we call it in Georgia (cornbread), is one of my weakness.Since I'm not the professional cook, I had to find some recipes from original sources, such as my grandmother  :), she is 83 and as she told me once,  she has been doing this all of her life, so that's why I dare to say "original".After 10 minutes of conversation, She gave me lots of advice (despite the fact, that there is nothing complicated at all :D ), and here I am trying to tell you how to cook "Mchadi" with original and of course  with some new recipes(which I practiced in Estonia ;) )

All you need for preparation is Corn flour, salt,water,oil, pan, and fire :D

  1. mix 300 gr cornflour and 1 cup of hot water, little by little to form a dry dough, add 1 tablespoon of oil and pinch of sea it for 5 minutes, until it gets cold,


    cover the bottom of the pan with oil and put it on fire and hit it up.




  3. when the dough is ready, take it with wet hands(it helps you to form better-shaped balls) and make the medium sized shape, which fits in your palm.



    put it on the warm pan, cover it and bake it on medium fire, for  5 minutes on one side, after turn the dough over and cook uncovered for more 5 minutes 



    after it is ready (it is golden brown when it is ready), preferably it shall be served with cheese,jonjoli and boiled beans




That's all, ENJOY

Next recipe will be about Georgian boiled beans... 
I tried to explain everything very simply,


I have faced recipes where chefs are explaining everything very confusingly, but I hope this is not the same case.
Anyway,  if you have some questions you can contact us every time, it's pleasure for us to give advice how to get familiar with Georgian traditions

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